Potato Salad

Seeing as I’m always the one who is ordered to make the potato salad whenever anyone feels like it, I crowned myself Potato Queen. Only among my friends though, because I’m sure Jamie Oliver can do more wonderful things with a potato than I can.

I don’t really use any measurements. The taste depends on the mood I’m in. Here goes:

  • If you’ve got your hands on some big potatoes then you can work with one potato per person, otherwise use your best guess.
  • Onions – if you like onions, go crazy, if not, then one will do.
  • Bacon that you cut really small. Don’t buy pre-cut bacon because they’re never cut the right way.
  • Whole grain mustard – you can use plain ole’ Heinz mustard too, but it’s not that good.
  • Really good honey. Who am I kidding? All your ingredients should be really good!
  • The best mayonnaise you can get your hands on. I can’t find good mayonnaise in Korea but I manage.
  • A little full cream milk. This is to make your sauce more runny.
  • About a teaspoon (or more) mild curry. This potato salad is not supposed to be spicy!
  • Chutney – I see this as my secret ingredient.. It goes really well with the curry. I always use peach chutney that my Mom makes.

Boil your potatoes first. Remember to salt them. What I do is I peel them and then cut them into bite size cubes so they can cook faster. I also don’t like peeling a hot potato. The last time I made this salad I didn’t even peel the potato and it came out great. Just make sure you remove any dirt that might be clinging to the skin.

Then fry your bacon until it’s really crispy. Scoop them out, but don’t throw out the bacon grease. Use the grease to fry your onions in. Don’t fry the onions for too long. You just want to fry them enough to get rid of the worst sting. When they start to glisten you can take them off the heat.

Now for the magic sauce..

The amount of sauce depends on how many potatoes you have. You’ll be able to guess it, I’m sure. If you don’t have enough sauce you can always just make some more and add it.

Okay so in a big bowl put together all the ingredients for the sauce, except the milk. Then taste it. And like Jamie Oliver always says, then you think about it. Use more of the ingredients that you think will make it taste right for you. You can even add some ground up black pepper. Okay now you will see that the consistency is a little bit like porridge.. so you have to add just enough milk to make it more runny so that it will mix well through all of the potatoes. When you’re IMPRESSED by your sauce, mix everything together.

This salad is best if you make it the night before and chill it really well in the fridge before serving it. You can add some fresh parsley as a garnish when serving it.