So I recently discovered Google Music.. The best thing about Google Music is you can choose from literally hundreds of ‘radio stations’ (non-stop music of a specific theme or genre) or playlists conveniently created for you. Like, for instance, Google will pick up that you’re at home and will suggest a ‘Workout’ playlist, or a ‘Cleaning house’ playlist (I guess Google knows I’m not into that so much at all).

A few days back I clicked on the ‘Recommended New Releases’ and I saw this:


It was an album called Perspectives by NIHILS. I was like, okay, that’s different, but let’s click on it anyway!

And now I’m in love.

No words can quite express how this album makes me feel (although I think I conveyed my feelings rather well to Mr Ramon THE VOICE Riezouw – yes I totally just gave him a new middle name. I might also be guilty of stalking him a little tbh – sorry R).

My favourite (they’re all my favourite, but this is my FAVOURITE favourite):

NIHILS – Like Father Like Son

Best money I’ve ever spent.. I mean look at this ridiculousness:


I started listening to it 5 days ago and Like Father Like Son is literally on 43 44 plays. If this was a CD it would’ve been fucked.

Go check out their website and if you’re in Berlin I am downright jealous as fuck because that’s where they are based.

According to Google Maps it’ll take me *roughly* 179 hours to get there by car. FML. I might have to sell my body for a plane ticket.. (NOTE to self: your family will frown upon this.)

Let me know if you love them as much as I do! In the meantime I’ll be learning German and looking for any Spangenberg ancestors in Germany I can move in with.