This life of mine..


My life is pretty much ridiculous at the moment…

…but here I am writing a blog post. Sometimes I’m just like FUCKIT, I need to take a break. So I stop what I’m doing, and then do something totally unrelated to work. Like ranting online.

So what’s making my life so ridiculous, you ask? Well, my cat is sick, and has been for over 3 weeks. “Saddle thrombus” is the diagnosis. What on earth? Well, it’s basically a big ass blood clot blocking her artery that supplies blood to her back legs, so she’s (hopefully temporarily) paralysed in that area. She’s been at the vet’s since Sunday evening. I went to visit her yesterday, but she still can’t walk. The vet seems hopeful though, because he says she’s regained feeling in her back legs, she just can’t use them yet, so we need to be a little more patient. He’s giving her meds to dissolve the clot and it’s takes a LONG time apparently.

Then I also have two assignments due on Friday. Today is Wednesday. The one assignment is for Entrepreneurial Law (the last assignment for 2017!), and the other assignment is for a wine course I did at work (I need 1500 words, I’m at 147 ATM), about the preparation of Méthode Cap Classique. If you don’t know what that is, educate yourself, bitch.

Then at my ACTUAL job, my mountain of paperwork keeps procreating during the night, because I keep working, but that mountain will not be conquered!

But nevertheless, tonight I will work on my assignments and have some MCC for inspiration.. Google it, you dumb fuck.