This life of mine..


My life is pretty much ridiculous at the moment…

…but here I am writing a blog post. Sometimes I’m just like FUCKIT, I need to take a break. So I stop what I’m doing, and then do something totally unrelated to work. Like ranting online.

So what’s making my life so ridiculous, you ask? Well, my cat is sick, and has been for over 3 weeks. “Saddle thrombus” is the diagnosis. What on earth? Well, it’s basically a big ass blood clot blocking her artery that supplies blood to her back legs, so she’s (hopefully temporarily) paralysed in that area. She’s been at the vet’s since Sunday evening. I went to visit her yesterday, but she still can’t walk. The vet seems hopeful though, because he says she’s regained feeling in her back legs, she just can’t use them yet, so we need to be a little more patient. He’s giving her meds to dissolve the clot and it’s takes a LONG time apparently.

Then I also have two assignments due on Friday. Today is Wednesday. The one assignment is for Entrepreneurial Law (the last assignment for 2017!), and the other assignment is for a wine course I did at work (I need 1500 words, I’m at 147 ATM), about the preparation of Méthode Cap Classique. If you don’t know what that is, educate yourself, bitch.

Then at my ACTUAL job, my mountain of paperwork keeps procreating during the night, because I keep working, but that mountain will not be conquered!

But nevertheless, tonight I will work on my assignments and have some MCC for inspiration.. Google it, you dumb fuck.



Deutsche sprache schwere sprache!

Duolingo really is the best (and most fun) way to learn a new language. I told you I was going to learn German and here I am, 15% fluent already, thanks to Duolingo! If I knew German was this easy (compared to other languages I’ve tried before) I’d have started sooner. It kind of helps that I speak Afrikaans though 🙂



Pork ribs for Homer Simpson

I bought this pork rib Friday night after I left work. It is now in my oven wrapped in foil, with another hour or so to go.. Here’s what I did:

  • pork ribs
  • rosemary
  • olive oil
  • black pepper
  • barbecue spice
  • barbecue marinade

Rinse the rib and pat it dry with a kitchen towel. Put it on a big piece of foil (shiny side up as my Mom taught me), with the bone side down. Fold the pieces of the tinfoil up so as to make a nice little dish. Pour a generous amount of olive oil over the ribs. Sprinkle it with dry rosemary (fresh is obviously better but not available to me in Suwon, South Korea). Then sprinkle on some freshly ground black pepper, some barbecue spice and slather on some barbecue marinade. Then take another piece of foil (shiny side down this time) and cover the ribs with it, rolling the sides up and into each other so that no heat or moisture can escape. Bake it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit/180 degrees Celsius for two hours. If you want you can take off the top piece of foil for the last 30 minutes just to get a little bit of color.


Bacon-wrapped Chicken Wings

This is the easiest most delicious recipe ever. You will need the following stuffs for the deliciousness:

  • chicken wings
  • smoky bacon
  • chicken spice
  • rosemary (optional)
  • toothpicks

Make sure your chicken wings are thoroughly thawed (try saying THAT really fast a couple of times..), rinsed, and dried (on some kitchen towels). Sprinkle a little (only a little, seeing as bacon is salty already) chicken spice on the wings. You can also add a sprig of fresh rosemary, or a pinch of dried rosemary onto the chicken before wrapping it in bacon.

Take a nice and long piece of bacon and start wrapping it at a diagonal angle. Try to cover as much of the chicken wing with the bacon as possible. Take a toothpick and secure the bacon. Try to push the toothpick through the two bones of the wing, that way you’re sure your ensemble won’t come undone. Make sure there are no loose ends of bacon that will unravel in the oven. That’s just messy! In fact.. I recommend cleaning your oven out after this one. Make as many of these little darlings as you can possibly fit into your oven and then put them on a rack with something underneath it to catch all the bacon fat.

I used a convection oven and I had them in there for 25 minutes at 190 degrees Celsius. They came out perfect! If you’re afraid of chicken and you prefer your chicken a little less juicy, then I guess 30 minutes will be okay as well. The bacon keeps the chicken nice and juicy and the smokiness of the bacon makes for pure bliss. Enjoy!


Beef Short Ribs and Pumpkin Stew

I made this last week and it was so delicious that I almost ate all of it in one sitting. I have to share it with you. This recipe feeds four people.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • 8 beef short ribs
  • 2 medium onions
  • 4 medium potatoes
  • a small green pumpkin
  • 2 chicken bouillon cubes
  • rosemary
  • olive oil
  • salt (and pepper)

The first thing you need to do is get a really big pot that would hold all your short ribs placed side by side. Don’t stack them on top of each other because then you can’t brown them sufficiently. Put a good amount of olive oil in the pot and brown your meat on all sides. I don’t like the smell of unseasoned meat, so I usually add some rosemary to the meat at this point. Use fresh rosemary if you can get your hands on some.

When your meat is almost browned to perfection you can add your onions, potatoes, and pumpkin. I don’t peel my potatoes because I like the texture of the skin in the stew, but feel free to peel yours. Let everything sizzle together in the pot for about five minutes before you add any liquid. Also add salt (and pepper) at this stage.

Dissolve two chicken bouillon cubes in a cup of hot water and add it to the stew. Then add enough water so that the meat is covered. Cook this (covered) slowly and stir every 20 or so minutes. Taste the stew now and then to make sure there’s enough salt. Add more if need be.  Add more water if the stew becomes too porridge like. When the pumpkin and the potatoes start to dissolve your stew is ready. Don’t let the pumpkin and potatoes disappear completely. It is important that you cook this stew slowly.

Take the bones out of the stew before serving.

Serve with some fresh homemade bread.


Potato Salad

Seeing as I’m always the one who is ordered to make the potato salad whenever anyone feels like it, I crowned myself Potato Queen. Only among my friends though, because I’m sure Jamie Oliver can do more wonderful things with a potato than I can.

I don’t really use any measurements. The taste depends on the mood I’m in. Here goes:

  • If you’ve got your hands on some big potatoes then you can work with one potato per person, otherwise use your best guess.
  • Onions – if you like onions, go crazy, if not, then one will do.
  • Bacon that you cut really small. Don’t buy pre-cut bacon because they’re never cut the right way.
  • Whole grain mustard – you can use plain ole’ Heinz mustard too, but it’s not that good.
  • Really good honey. Who am I kidding? All your ingredients should be really good!
  • The best mayonnaise you can get your hands on. I can’t find good mayonnaise in Korea but I manage.
  • A little full cream milk. This is to make your sauce more runny.
  • About a teaspoon (or more) mild curry. This potato salad is not supposed to be spicy!
  • Chutney – I see this as my secret ingredient.. It goes really well with the curry. I always use peach chutney that my Mom makes.

Boil your potatoes first. Remember to salt them. What I do is I peel them and then cut them into bite size cubes so they can cook faster. I also don’t like peeling a hot potato. The last time I made this salad I didn’t even peel the potato and it came out great. Just make sure you remove any dirt that might be clinging to the skin.

Then fry your bacon until it’s really crispy. Scoop them out, but don’t throw out the bacon grease. Use the grease to fry your onions in. Don’t fry the onions for too long. You just want to fry them enough to get rid of the worst sting. When they start to glisten you can take them off the heat.

Now for the magic sauce..

The amount of sauce depends on how many potatoes you have. You’ll be able to guess it, I’m sure. If you don’t have enough sauce you can always just make some more and add it.

Okay so in a big bowl put together all the ingredients for the sauce, except the milk. Then taste it. And like Jamie Oliver always says, then you think about it. Use more of the ingredients that you think will make it taste right for you. You can even add some ground up black pepper. Okay now you will see that the consistency is a little bit like porridge.. so you have to add just enough milk to make it more runny so that it will mix well through all of the potatoes. When you’re IMPRESSED by your sauce, mix everything together.

This salad is best if you make it the night before and chill it really well in the fridge before serving it. You can add some fresh parsley as a garnish when serving it.